Color Ring Back Tones (CRBT)

When someone calls you, all he/she can hear is a boring default ring tone (i.e beep beep..., Tu Tu...) from his/her phone. Color Ring Back Tone service is a ringtone service which your caller can enjoy music tones of your choice in stead of boring default tones (beep beep, Tu Tu...) . Co-operated with Myanma Post and Telecomunication, we proudly offer Color Ring Back Tone Service to Phone Numbers with 9 digits from Myanma Post and Telecom.

Our Service Includes

  •       Thousands of popular music selections
  •       Supports 9 digits phone numbers from mpt
  •       New Music are added weekly
  •       24/7 Customer Service
  •       Very reasonable price
  •       and many more...

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