etm Biz Mobile Application

In the increasingly competitive markets, real-time and mobility plays crucial role in business. We proudly present you our all-new biz mobile application for andriod and iphone which will enable you to bring all real-time and professionally collected data information with you. Best of all, it is FREE to try.

Mobile Features

  •       Premium Business and Market news
  •       Real-Time Dollar, Earning, FEC rate
  •       Real-Time Myanmar & int'l Commodity price
  •       Data from 12 local commodity markets
  •       Real-Time Myanmar & int'l Gold price
  •       Real-Time Myanmar & int'l Fuel, crude oil price
  •       Market Analysis Charts and Graphs
  •       Market Watch and news
  •       and many more...

** Subscription required, just subscribe to any of our services and you can start using your services in realtime on your mobile.

Biz Mobile App DEMO